Jumbo Loans

There are 2 types of loans. 1. Confirming, and 2. Jumbo.
Most of counties in California have a confirming loan limit of $484,350. And in certain high priced areas, it goes to $726,525 as per 2019 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac limits. Any loan that is higher than these limits is called JUMBO loan. Unlike in confirming loans where you can pay a down payment as little as 3%, most of the lenders require a 20% down payment for the JUMBO loans and little higher FICO scores as well. At Fast Fund Mortgage, we can do a JUMBO loan with as little as 10% down payment also. How? Give us a call today or Fill up the short form provided here on this page. Let’s help you qualifying with a Jumbo loan possibly with 10% dawn payment as early as today. Thank you, and see you soon!

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